ALKE's fundamental principle is quality and innovation.

ALKE brings unique tools to veterinary healthcare sector with this principle. All ALKE products have distinguishing properties that brings favor to them over their similar ones and make them unique in this sector. ALKE brings innovations to his generic medicine segment while providing his products flawless bioequivalence and biocompatibility. In order to enhance animal healthcare experience of his clients, ALKE also develops his own formulations as the result of his R&D activities.

ALKE is an exclusive foundation with all its establishments. Such that, ALKE's new Tokat facility, established in 2011, consists of 4 separate buildings (A, B, C, D) which exhibits total compliance with cGMP standards. A building is for manufacturing of beta-lactam products with sterile powder production line, sterile liquid production line and tablet production line. B building is for manufacturing of non-beta-lactam products with sterile solution and non-sterile solution, powder, suspension, gel & pasta (semi-solid) production lines. C building is for manufacturing disinfectants and ecto-parasitic products with two production lines. A building contains warehouse, logistic centre, offices, QA and QC laboratories. ALKE's general directorate, administrative units & finance centre and R&D laboratories are located in Istanbul. Also ALKE have an additional warehouse and logistic centre in Istanbul which supports ALKE's overall supply chain.

ALKE devoted his priority efforts to  enhance animal healthcare experience of his local clients until 2011. By, ALKE Tokat facilities establishment in 2011 and ALKE's manufacturing capacity increase, ALKE changed his target market from local to global. Today ALKE's objective is to become a global firm with his fundamental quality and innovation principles.