ALKE changed his target market from local to global. Today ALKE's objective is to become a global firm with his fundamental quality and innovation principles. In this scope ALKE established Business Development Department stationed at ALKE Istanbul main offices. Following subjects are in the scope of ALKE's cooperative business development activities;




Becoming Distributor of ALKE,

Contact us to discuss opportunities to become ALKE's distributor.



Contract Manufacturing,

Benefit from our expertise in manufacturing pharmaceuticals; ALKE offers contract manufacturing opportunity in ALKE Tokat Manufacturing Facility. Click here for ALKE Tokat Manufacturing Facility details. Contact us to further discuss contract manufacturing opportunities in ALKE Tokat Manufacturing Facility.



License-out your patents to ALKE,

Innovation is one of the ALKE's main principle. In this scope, ALKE would like to obtain appropriate licenses to commercialize creative patented technologies by license out or other befitting business method. If you are looking for a business partner to get your technology commercialized contact us to incorporate them as ALKE product or service.



In-licensing & Research Agreements,

Innovation is one of the ALKE's main principle. In this scope, ALKE would like to utilize new creative technologies & ideas. If you trust your technology & idea and seeking for a partner that can support and to turn it into a product  or a service contact us to discuss opportunities of entering into in-licensing or research agreements with ALKE.


Contact us to discuss cooperative business development opportunities.

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